Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Post as Jetta! And New Series

Well, this year I decided to try out a new pen name for my fantasy writings.  This side of me writes what I call "low weird" as opposed to the "high weird" of my real name, Jodi Ralston.  In other words, Jetta isn't as weird as Jodi.  :-)

Currently, I am working on a novella/short novel series that features a Guardian Spirit named Guard.  He is an archer--an inspiration derived from the Arrow TV show, the omnibus Hooded Man by Paul Kane, and my own on-again, off-again interest in archery (on-again, since I just ordered an armguard and a finger tab).

Anyway, I hope to publish the first Guard story by early February, but before then I will talk more about it (and archery and hot hooded men) on this blog.